Book Club: September Edition

September 4, 2018


The bookThis Child Will be Great  


A true story of Sirleaf's ascent from ordinary Liberian child to Africa's first and only female leader. This memoir by Johnson Sirleaf, the heiress to this line of long-suffering yet rock-strong women. Her father was a lawyer, a member of the Gola tribe who — as part of a common practice in Liberia — had been reared by one of the elite families descended from the freed American slaves who settled the country in the early 19th century. 

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The place: Wine Bar, 2521 Market Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio

The day: Wednesday,  September 12th  @ 7:00 PM


Reviews: "Johnson Sirleaf admirably conveys the hopelessness of the everyday Liberian who still worships — futilely, it turns out — the United States, waiting for the day when America sweeps in to rescue a country founded by Americans. That day never comes, as “This Child Will Be Great” demonstrates again and again. But perhaps, in electing this no-nonsense, practical technocrat as the first woman to be their president, Liberians are finally ready to make a stab at trying to rescue themselves." - NYT



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