Refugee Outreach and Engagement Programs for Police Agencies

July 2, 2017

 Here is a quick list of why law enforcement should read the Police Executive Research Forum national study released in May 2017:


-Comprehensive list of best practices across the nation from many cities on how to engage refugees and why it matters to your city's safety;

-Methods to build trust in tight-knit communities;

-How to overcome refugees negative perceptions of law enforcement;

-Highlights the benefits interpretation for officers;

-Teaches officers lessons learned from years of field research; 

-Complete with contacts for your department to utilize;

-Explanation of requirements and procedures to serve newcomers and ensure meaning access;

-Review of  liability and legal obligations at the federal and state levels;

-Understanding of the barriers refugees have in reporting crimes, taking action based on their rights and living discrimination-free in America.


Huge thank you to Boise Refugee Liaison PO Dustin Robinson who helped inform this report and Cleveland's trainings.

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